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How To Raise A Correct Help Desk Ticket Article rated 2.3/5.0
In order for us to properly manage your issue, we seek your assistance to key in the right message in order for us to work on your issue correctly.  Please click on New Ticket. Next please fill in Yo...
Finding Your Ticket Article rated 1.0/5.0
If you have not received any replies from our helpdesk, please find your ticket status from this option. You can find your ticket number by your Email. Just click on View Existing Ticket functions. If...
Loans Issue Reporting Article not rated yet
Before submitting a ticket to the helpdesk: please ensure you have printed all report with reference to your loan number. 1. GL Loan Listing Report 2. Loan Repayment Schedule 3. Loan Summary Report  ...
Locking AND Unlocking A Loan Number Article rated 1.0/5.0
The option to UNLOCK the loan is for you to change the status code to SETTLED. This will enable you to process the refund payment.   The Loan LOCK option is for you to LOCK back the current status of...
Loan Closing With Refund to Member Article not rated yet
This happens when a member wants to SETTLED the loan and has overpaid or going to overpay a loan . 1) Go to Loan Closing and search for Loan Number - See what is the difference after a payment is mad...
XPERT Remote Support Article not rated yet
To allow our support staff to access your PC for remote access, you will require software called Ultra Viewer which you can download from Ultra Viewer Website -
Loan Closing With Write Off Option Article not rated yet
This happens when you want to write-off the loan. 1) Go to Loan Master, search for the loan number and set Closing Date and the Status equal to CLOSED. 2) Go to Loan Closing and search for Loan Numbe...
Loan Module Checklist Article not rated yet
Procedure To Follow   After Loan Approval   Please print out the Loan Repayment Schedule to check whether it is the same as the Final Loan approved amount.   After Loan Disbursement Approval   1. ...

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