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How To Raise A Correct Help Desk Ticket


In order for us to properly manage your issue, we seek your assistance to key in the right message in order for us to work on your issue correctly. 

Please click on New Ticket.

Next please fill in Your Name, Email Address

Followed by selecting the Category (please ensure that you have selected the right category)

Select the Priority and Key in your Company Name (in Full)

For the Subject Matter/Title - please include the DocNo, MemberCode, CustomerNo, AccountNo, LoanNo and the main issue that need to be resolved here

In the Message column - please detail out the issue and exactly what is wrong and need to change accordingly.

For Attachment - please send us in excel format or word format unless screenshot detailing out the issue. Please ensure that the file name used to save the attachment is different, the best format will be to used the YYMMDD follow by the DocNo, MemberCode, example - 160625MPV0012913

DO NOT just send images or a few words, please kindly understand that we usually cannot diagnose your problem with images or limited description only

Please take note of your ticket number for future reference.



Your issue will be looked into within the next 24 hours.

Please raise one ticket for one issue. Multiple issues in one ticket will be set to LOW PRIORITY.

If the issue is not correctly keyed in, the priority of your ticket will be set to low priority and will not be worked upon immediately.

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